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Does Selling your House “FSBO” Really Work in Baltimore?

Jumping into unknown waters is risky, and when considering the best way to sell your house, there are potentially tens of thousands of dollars on the line. Representing yourself in selling your home in the Baltimore traditional real estate market places tremendous pressure on homeowners to perform to the level of professionals with years of experience guiding them. Real estate agents use their experience, the latest technology and a network of human resources to sell homes for the optimum profit. 

Unfortunately, many homeowners learn this painful lesson only after months have passed, and the process has depleted their wallets, with only about 11 percent of FSBO listings selling successfully. Furthermore, those that did sell typically sold for at least 25 percent less than those listed with an agent, often still paying commissions to the agent that brought their buyer. So, if you’ve been considering diving into the market on your own, read on as we explore how it works when selling a house in Baltimore as an FSBO.

1. Establish the Price

Setting the listing price has a great deal of impact on the outcome when selling a house in Baltimore. Missing the mark on either side- too high or too low- can cause listings to linger as today’s buyers are very savvy, with data at their fingertips helping them compare properties within moments. By selling directly instead, you avoid negotiating with buyers or jumping through hoops to help them attain a loan. In addition, you’ll benefit by working with experienced professional buyers like those at Maryland Home Buyers when selling a house in Baltimore because our professional buyers never charge commissions, and there are never any hidden fees. Professional buyers at Maryland Home Buyers are your neighbors here in Baltimore. We want you to feel good about the deal long after closing so we are fully transparent, comparing your profits from listing on the market vs. our offer, which you’ll agree is fair.

2. Prep Work

Real estate agents understand the effect of the prep work on the final selling price and the role staging plays when selling a house in Baltimore; this is why they call in the professionals. For example, listings require high-quality digital imagery submitted by professional photographers and 360-degree videographers. In addition, it is now standard practice for agents to employ professional stagers who understand how to help buyers envision themselves living in the house. For example, prepping could be as simple as a fresh coat of paint, depending on the colors and finishes selected throughout the property and how up-to-date your decor is. Skip the prep work and forget about marketing and showings by selling directly to professional buyers like those at Maryland Home Buyers.

3. Make Repairs

The condition of the house is often a significant hurdle when selling a house in Baltimore, especially those with older properties. Whether a lack of funds has added to the issues or the physical or financial inability to deal with the repairs, when homes fall into obvious distress, they do not fare well on the traditional market. Offers from your listing that are insultingly low can be highly stressful because of your emotional investment in the home. Or you may receive offers loaded with contingencies that leave you holding the bag for the repairs, not to mention the laws governing disclosure and the legal risks involved. However, if you have been spending restless nights worried about the condition of your home, your worries are over. Professional buyers like those at Maryland Home Buyers buy houses as-is for cash. Therefore, you can relax because the professional buyers at Maryland Home Buyers will buy your house directly, taking on all the risks of completing the repairs and they won’t expect you to pay a penny out of your pocket before the sale.

4. Cost of Time

Often, sellers underestimate the cost of time passing when selling a house in Baltimore, known as holding costs. However, if time isn’t on your side, the listing process may not be the best option, especially when buyers fail to qualify for financing after having tied up your property for weeks or months. Suppose you’ve moved before a sale due to a job relocation or to be near a family member who has become ill, for example. In that case, you will also be burdened with twice the monthly expenses and may have traveling time and expenses adding to the pressure. Professional buyers like those at Maryland Home Buyers can provide a guaranteed closing date within days or work with you to arrange the best day, and you won’t even pay any closing costs.

Are you selling a house in Baltimore? Let the professional buyers at Maryland Home Buyers and their full-service in-house team of industry specialists work on your behalf to save you money and help make the process smooth, easy and fast. Ready to learn more with no obligation? Call Maryland Home Buyers at (410) 657-2523.

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